Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mod Squad challenge, Do It Yourself

I just can't stop! 
 I really love to make it myself and this paper turned out to my liking, so I had to turn it into a card. 

I took a piece of watercolor paper and just started playing.  I took an old set from SU called Doodle This and stamped with white embossing powder.  After that was heat set, using my grand kids set of watercolor paints, I just washed paint over at wet paper.  I had an opportunity to watch an artist do water painting and she just laid on the water.  Lots of it.  That's what I did and then let that dry. I like what I got so much that I stamped more flowers.  All with the same process.  These I cut out to add to the front of the card. Everything on this card is sprayed with fairy dust, my own homemade fairy dust. ( recipe to follow) Added some enameled buttons and the sentiment was embossed with silver. 
I had to tell you that this whole card sparkles, but ever so gently.  Just like a fairy would.  Lol!

I wish My picture was better, or that you all were here with me.  I would put on the coffee, or if you prefer, pour the wine!  ( you know who you are)
Ok, here is the simple recipe, and it is from Jennifer McGuire and a recent video that I watched. 

1/2 tsp of Perfect Pearls powder in a spray  bottle of water, mine is 3.4 oz
shake well and used to spray on anything. 

Give it a try and see what you think!  As always, thanks for stopping by and hope your day was as fun as mine was.  I did my first car rally today.  We completed and were not the last ones in, and there was no yelling!  I was prepared for yelling, but it didn't happen.  We ended by going out for lunch, always a nice ending. 


  1. Okay I have to go on record and say that if we were voting YOU WOULD WIN! (sorry everyone else!) Barbara this is one beautiful card, love the colors and that background you created and your flowers are beyond GORGEOUS! You WIN!!! ;) (no yelling? were you in a different car than Tom???) lol

  2. I agree with Donna - this is a WINNER!!!! And I bet you will get the prize - lol. It's just so gorgeous - especially with that white embossing. I LOVE white embossing, and look how it just pops on this card!! Oh, and I am in love with that stamp set too - JUST FABULOUS!!!!!

  3. Oh CRUMB...just tossed out the kids old water colors. Barbara this is absolutely gorgeous, I love the beautiful color range on this card and I love the colors and the spectacular flowers that you cut out for it. Absolutely beautiful. I have made my own "fairy dust" and it really does work beautifully. As a very important aside...congratulations on your MOD Squad win! How exciting, I hope it was for this very card because this is FANTASTIC!

  4. I have this stamp set and have never made anything this beautiful with it! Well done Barb!

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous! Love the beautiful colors and background you have made!