Friday, January 24, 2020

Spring Border One by Power Poppy

I had not colored anything in a while and today was the day.  Well actually, it took me a little longer than a day.  I got the idea, printed it out a few days ago and then looked for an example to mirror my daffodils after. 
I printed out the Spring Border One that had a lot of choices to use. I liked the daffodils and chose that, along with the sentiment which I layered over the top. 
Then I set out to look for an image that I found on the internet.  Amy Shulke teaches in her classes to find a real image to gather coloring information from. Are these not striking daffodils? 

Here is my card. 
White is hard to color and it is best to use an example such as this one.  

I used some Copics and my Prismacolor pencils too 

 I  cut a 5X5 white base and then die cut the Anja's Square by Marianne from my colored image. I love this square die and use it often. I think that is all this card needs. 
Living here in Florida during the winter months, I will be able to use this card to send sunshine to a lot of friends. 

Thanks so much for stopping by today.  I love your comments. 

You can get this digital set from Power Poppy   Marcella is still offering the beautiful rose Free. 


  1. Barbara...I am speechless, GF! This is so amazing! Daffodils are my birth month flower and I love to smell them. There's a lot in my flower beds. Anyway, your coloring is beyond spectacular. I can't say enough about how I love this card. The white card base and background are perfect to feature these beautifully colored flowers.

  2. These turned out great! So gorgeous

  3. Oh wow, that white is AMAZING!!!! You are THE BEST colorist I know, bar none!!!! This card is so sweet and simply beautiful. LOVE the white die cut, it works perfectly here. I am so envious of your use of digi stamps. I think I need to invest in some of that special paper you use.

  4. This is so fabulous Barbara!!! I am speechless!

  5. WOW!WOW!! WOW!!! This is so beautiful. I think if all we ever learn from Amy is a photo reference we have learned a lot.

  6. Oh, wow! This is so amazing and so very beautiful. I have to try and see if I ever will be able to achieve as good a results as you with your coloring.

  7. Your coloring is AMAZING! Gorgeous card!!

  8. I tend to stay away from white flowers because they are so hard to color. This is fantastic! I need to take lessons from you! Beautiful card!

  9. What can I say but GORGEOUS!! Wow, you did an amazing job of coloring it and just happens to be one of my favorite flowers too, did you know I have 34 varieties of Daffodils in my gardens? One is a big all white jonquil, I try to add new varieties every year, but have failed at that the last two..hah, I must be getting old!!

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