Sunday, October 17, 2021

Power Poppy - Folklore Flora

I think that we can all say that this past 18 months or so has been life changing.  A time of reflection and feeling of gratitude that comes with family and friends. For me, I used my artwork to get through and I know that is the same for many of you. Thank goodness for the crafting world that I have become a part of and have loved every minute of. Making new friends and finding support were my rewards. 

I have a surprise for those that love to color and find that creating is rewarding.  All of you know Marcella Hawley from Power Poppy.  If not, you should as she is the artist behind the scenes. She has been faced with some of the same feelings that we all have had these past months.  Since sending her daughter off to college, she has been sending cards with motivational thoughts to encourage her. She has created four drawings and motivational sayings for you print and color. 

This release is a soft one, not the usual, but an easy one. Marcella has drawn four images of Folklore Flora. Each one has a deeper meaning. You can color them up, or print a  full color artwork image, available for the first time.   
Here is a look at the images. 

Fig : Enlightenment
Gourd : Plenty
Apple : Knowledge
Buckeye: Luck

I only had time to color up one card for you and I chose the Buckeye.  It is said that if you keep a buckeye in your pocket, it brings good luck. 

Doing a little research on the buckeye, they reminded me of the chestnuts that were a part of my childhood at Christmas time. Here are some pictures of the Ohio Buckeye. These are not edible. 

Using the pictures, I had fun coloring these up for my card 

I also did some cleaning of my craft room recently and found these cute gift cards/ note cards that had ready-made envelopes. That is the fun of digital images.  I printed all of the images in a much smaller size to fit the cards that I already had. Lightly colored in parts of them and made this set to give as a gift. It was quick and easy. They could be used for this next holiday gift-giving season. 

Some of the design team will be showing you more ideas on how to use these motivating and encouraging images and sentiments. 
Take a peek at Power Poppy to see more. 

More will be available in the upcoming week. Keep an eye out for them. 
Thanks for stopping by and I always appreciate your comments! 


  1. Yippee and Yahoo! Glad she is back creating beautiful images and lovely sentiments! LOVE what you have created, looks amazing on the layered grey card stock, nicely framed as well! I also say 18 months, but it truly feels like 2 years crammed together. Sigh. To better days for us least we can color! xo~

  2. Barbara, you always do Marcella proud! Your coloring of the buckeye image is fabulous! Beautifully framed, a true work of art in its own right. Great idea to do the four little notecards, too. Anyone would love to receive those as a gift. It's good to see Marcy back, in any capacity. I'll look forward to more!

  3. Oh my gosh, Barb!!! You always blow me away with your coloring, and I think you have outdone yourself here. I'm sure Marci is so proud of what you have done with her beautiful illustrations. I'm so happy that she is designing again, and I know you are too. Your creation is simply stunning, I LOVE it!!!

  4. Your coloring just gets better and better. I love this image and the frame is perfect for it. so very pretty and handsome at the same time. I agree with Leslie it is a work of art.

  5. I would have to look up what a buckeye looks like too. I'm in California and I love the way you colored the buckeye card - very vivid and beautiful. The lovely set of cards would make a wonderful gift to anyone.

  6. Barbara, you've been one of the main folks I've been watching during this crazy pandemic to see what's on your craft table! Always coming up with something unexpected and fun. And these projects are no exception. So glad that crafting continues to bring you peace. I found that when I started painting these, after the idea popped into my head, I felt a bit euphoric. I've really missed being a part of the crafting world, happy to be "back" and work with you!!

  7. Oh my Barbara, this is gorgeous.
    Stunning colouring and awesome card,
    love also your cute little gift/note cards.
    Thank you so much for sharing, stay safe and
    have a wonderful day.

  8. Barbara -- I love each and every one of your creations! I have to say, I have never colored a buckeye in my life. You've inspired me to give it a whirl! ;-) I also love the little notecards. Isn't it funny when we find things we've had only to realize they are perfect for the project we are working on? Love when that happens!